I haven't a clue as to why photobucket is now attacking my blog...because everything that I personally fixed is fine. I guess whoever I stole my html code from is having issues....Gha.

This will take some maneuvering later today.

Last Day of Class

Oh Hurray! Glory be!

School is out--except for three rigorous days of finals this weekend. I can see the light of summer again.

Obviously it's been fairly crazy these past few days. I had so much time when I revamped my blog, but after that I was busy writing papers and taking tests and doing whatever homework they decided to throw at me before I collapsed--now no more!!!

I should be studying for finals right now before heading off to the library, but hey, I've got a few days to do that. Instead, I sleep in ridiculously late, spend hours on the computer, sorting through my notebook for some sketches to scan--oh so delightful :)

And Sunday was easter---which means lots of chocolate! No homework + chocolate+lots of sleep = Really reall ridiculously happy minion.

Smiles everyone!

First Posting! Woot!


This will be the first real posting since I decided to go wild with my blog template. The rest of them were imaginary. They did not exist. Ever.....oh, wait, except for the glaring fact that they're under my recent posts, and I'm too lazy to get rid of them.


I guess I'll have to say something interesting now...cause I'm suppose to....
OOOH! hey! I'll post a picture! They're worth a thousand words!

This is my grandmother's brooch--and it was her mom's before her, so it's really my great-grandmother's brooch. She gave it to me about a week or so ago. It's a family heirloom, and I thought it odd that she decided to give it to me, but one of many grand-daughters-instead of her other daughters. She was emptying out her jewelry box and wondered if I wanted anything, so I politely said yes, and WOMPF! She piled a bunch of stuff on me...such as this...

"It came from Alaska, I think it's worth some money," she said as she kept finding more things to give me...like this...

Sorry, some of these are a little blurry--but this last one is of a unicorn. :) She also gave me loads of other things, and really shiny pearly necklaces that would have been the "in" thing in about the 70s. Apparently people just like to give me things.

As for other updates on my life--I LOVE THE LIBRARY!
I just bought the entire hardback collection of the Work and the Glory Series, The Kingdom and the Crown Series (also hardback), a book of stories by Edgar Allen Poe, The Da Vinci Code, the first book to the Tennis Shoes among the Nephites, and a VHS of Mrs. Doubtfire for a grand total $4.87. Woot! Of course, these were used, but a lot of them were in very good condition, so I was fairly pleased with my mountain load of less than five dollars spent.

My Brother in the MTC Rocks!! He's getting ready to leave the MTC and head to Belgium by the 30th.

My younger sister just turned 17, and with one brother off in college apartment and the other in the MTC, that leaves it up to me to eat all the leftover pizza and cake :) YUM!

And I only have one month left of school!! Let's hope I can survive until then. :)

One pixel problem...

I can't tell if it's my computer, or the original layout, but it seems like it's off by like one pixel somewhere....Gha!!!

Well, other than that, I think I'll almost ready to post something worth reading in the next few days. I've now changed the colors to my satisfaction and I think I'll be ready to go...

but that one pixel thing is bothering me.

To Do

  • Clean my room--and I mean clean!
  • Start Running in the Mornings
  • Determine where "There" really is...
  • *Doodle :D
  • *Write!